Bay Area Gone NW – 2000

Apparently I’ve ripped several videos that never made it here – might as well get all those here at least.

Back in April of 2000, I hit the road the weekend of my 21st birthday. We (Donny, Dan and I) loaded up the Hardluck mini-van and set out, not to play shows (well not as Hardluck, Dan was in SV at the time), but to hit Seattle with Sworn Vengeance and Lowlife. The first of the two shows was in Port Orchard, in some venue I hardly remember, even after now living the PNW for over 10 years. This was that first show, in the upper level of some barn-turned-coffee-shop. At the time, the only NW dude we knew that made the trek out (for those of you unfamiliar, there is a ferry involved) was (Posi)Chris Williams from Champion, seen here getting his jazzercise on. It is also the origin of the once-famous “California Bear Claw” (watch for Brian SV taking out the girl in the raver pants).

Raver pants girl is now 30-something. Let that sink in for a minute. Enjoy, grandpa/ma.

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TIHC 2015

Has it really been YEARS since I made a post? Seems like now is as good of time as any. My b-day gift this years means I’m headed to Philly in July – see you there?

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I saw someone else sing for my favorite band…

…and all I got was this lousy neck injury. I was looking through the box o’ tapes last night for what to rip next, and came across the Powerhouse and Nerve Agents sets from their show at Slim’s in November 2000. After the show, I’d left my camera with the Lowlife boys (I think Gabe was still my roommate at the time), hence the label:

I found it funny that two of my favorite moments from this video don’t even really involve the singer for either band. First there was Powerhouse’s Crucifed cover. By the end I think Helio – who had just been standing next to me taking photos – ended up being the only one on stage with a mic, while there was probably at least two more out in the crowd.

Until watching this video, I’d completely forgotten that Mikey had played guitar for Powerhouse for a bit. Or had a guitar covered with lightening.

Next in the not-my-band theme was Nerve Agent’s Out On the Farm, with Paul Gyromite on vocals. After creepy crouched Paul run, he makes it almost halfway through the verse before getting… jumped:

Farm life, son. He gets credit for an admirable recovery, after which I think he does more damage to himself than any of this friends did.

I promise next up will be some videos that are appealing beyond us old dudes reminiscing, but roll with it. It’s Monday.

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Champion, Seattle’s Strongest Standers

I can finally rip vids directly to the nicer computer! I didn’t want to bring out the full Hi-8 setup, but I at least pulled some quickies from miniDV to celebrate. I got the DV camera shortly after I moved to Seattle, but by that point I was recording far fewer shows. This is from one of the last, April 16th, 2004 at the Vera Project (when it was on 2nd downtown or wherever that was).

Dude’s big head is sort of in the way, but this is my favorite of the songs I had on tape. Like the Bane post below, it’s kind of odd to watch sets from bands and not see tracks you’ve come to think of staples (right after this video, Jim mentions finishing up in the studio for what would be Promises Kept), especially when you’d already been seeing them for years. It’s far harder to track down long-past show dates in Seattle without the benefit of The List archive, but luckily I found (and stole) the flyer from Flickr:

Maybe someone with a better memory can remind me – was this the show shortly after Lucas scared us all to death by falling off a cliff when we had the big card to sign in the lobby?

Bonus! Because it’s been so long since I’ve had a new vid – and because it’s seems sort of cheap to give it it’s own post – here’s some Internal Affairs footage from the same show.

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Despite what you’ve heard, I am NOT a superhero.

And neither is this guy. There is nothing inside of him that you don’t have deep within your fucking self. I’m not sure if that’s particularly comforting.

Bane in June of 2000 at Gilman. They played with Adamantium, and I think Death By Stereo opened. It weird to watch this set and not see any Give Blood songs, but at this point It All Comes Down to This was only about six months old. And if you think people complained about Bane changing their sound when Give Blood or The Note came out, I don’t think it compared to when this album dropped. I was of a small minority that liked it better. Didn’t stop everyone from singing along to their new anthems though.

I wasn’t actually at this show, although I was more upset over missing Adamantium. This was the same day as my brother’s wedding, so I sent Dan with my camera. The batteries died in the middle of Bane because Dan was busy making his own documentaries:

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Hoods Gone Wild

Going through my old tapes, some of the best local band footage I got was Hoods, and for good reason. For years after I started going to shows their sets could be straight up frightening. Something about that era of Hoods just made people lose any fear of injury. It was pretty much fight music and it was spectacular. Anyway, this particular set Punishment had already been in town for a day or two and the boys were in rare form. Ben brought his habit of fakeout calling “last song” to an all time high by calling it out for the first song, and Mike was hitting so many people with his guitar it was in tune for maybe two full songs.

It was goofy, it was violent. Probably the last GREAT Hoods set I remember before moving. Or wait, had I moved already? Someone will have to help me out with dates. Looking back over the list, I’m pretty sure this was the Nov. 2001 show, which I think I came back down for.

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Powerhouse – Cocodrie 2000

Still getting the video setup dialed in, but getting better! Those of you who remember watching all the old vids at my apartment in Berkeley years ago most likely remember this show for the fantastic, flailing, birdlike dancing caught on camera during Lowlife’s set. We’ll get to that eventually, but for now, here’s one of my favorite Powerhouse songs. At this point much of the bay had started losing enthusiasm for straight-up hardcore in favor of metal, but there was still plenty of love for Powerhouse.

Another show where I’ll have to get some of the banter at some point. Lots of Fremont shit talk, as I think half the city was in attendance. I think this was Kenny’s benefit show, but someone else would have to remind me.

PS, if you have flyers from any of the shows I’ve been posting, you should send ‘em my way so I can add them to the posts.

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Skarhead Loves Three Things

As promised, here’s one of the first new pulls from the ol’ box of tapes. This was the second time I saw Skarhead at the Cocodrie (first was with H2O maybe a year before), and it was a crazy show. Lost this tape for awhile, so figured I’d make it the first of the new set.

This time Myke from District 9 was doing the secondary vocals. Which mostly consisted of yelling SAAAAAN FRAAAAAANCISSSSSCO and talking about cocaine. I really need to rip the whole set just for the banter. I think Gone Sean is trying to rip Ezec’s shirt off. Lot’s of old faces in here. God damn rabble rousers.

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New Vids in the Works

Well, old vids really. You know what I mean. I even took a photo so you’d know I wasn’t April fooling. I’ll see if I can get one up before lunch.

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Rosary – Fakin’ it Fridays

In the early 2000′s, I sang for a band named Rosary from Seattle. When Kyle Whitlow was getting Rivalry (then Rival) Records off the ground, he set up a fest to be held at the Danville Grange. I was planning to go down for it, and Lucas (our drummer) was already going to play with Go It Alone, so we asked Time For Living if we could borrow Izzy and Dan and some of their set time to play a few songs as 2/5th’s of the actual band. Kyle wasn’t exactly into the idea, but eventually went with it (“because you guys are going to do it anyway” – he once called me one of the nicest, most polite total dicks he knew, which being from the bay is saying a lot). Anyway, we played three songs and this was the first. Yeah, it’s dark. But It’s also one of the few archived videos I haven’t posted from my Youtube account, so here you go.

Rosary ended up falling apart after recording 9 songs total. The full discography is available for streaming and download here: I wish the vox had been stronger on the first session, and that the lyrics weren’t quite so whiney, but it is what it is and I’m still pretty proud of what we did.

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