Rain Fest Proves Bands are Unimportant

EDIT: And that’s that. Rain Fest is sold out. I’ll be taking submissions for sell-out jokes for this space.

Let’s take a break from the past for a moment, and talk about the present. The FUTURE even, although the relatively near future. In a move that shows you don’t even need a complete bill to quickly sell out a three day fest, RAIN FEST 2011 is set to do so shortly. Granted the line up that HAS been announced is pretty impressive (Trial, Madball, Supertouch, MPB, etc.) and the price ($65 + $7 service charge) isn’t insane. Add on that it’s moved this year from Tacoma to Seattle’s Capital Hill (meaning better vegan food and bars), and it should be one hell of an old-dude party. Word is there’s less than 50 left, so grab ‘em now and save yourself the hassle of buying ‘em from the yes-but-no folks later. Rain Fest is Fri – Sun Memorial Day weekend. I already got my pass – see ya’ there?

Rain Fest on FB
Etix (online seller)

Only vid I got from last year, using my still camera:

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3 Responses to Rain Fest Proves Bands are Unimportant

  1. xactionxjacksonx says:

    what, no hulk hand ninja moshery caught on video? haha

  2. greghxc says:

    Clearly I was slipping. Maybe this year, you coming back up?

    • xactionxjacksonx says:

      totally slippin’! haha. heck yeah i am. my lady, robin, and i should be flying in that thursday. hopefully crashin’ @ the aaron o’niell/ pwoo house again.

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