Been gone longer than you were wait a second…

…is this song about me?

Don’t worry about the backups, Aaron, the Hardluck corner has you covered. I was always worried Ben Hoods was going to hook somebody’s nose and rip it clear off their face when he moshed.

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2 Responses to Been gone longer than you were wait a second…

  1. xactionxjacksonx says:

    hooooly crap. NEVER saw ben dance before. though, i actually saw mario dance once, oddly enough.
    it always bums me out, i’d been going to shows for about a year at this point, and i missed so many great little shows. why couldn’t somebody have “twitted” on “myface” and told me “oh hey, this band death threat’s pretty cool, you should check them out.” geezus!
    R.I.P. DON!

  2. greghxc says:

    Ben used to tear it up pretty often, and it was always terrifying because he didn’t care who was in the way ha. I should rip a better copy of this video at some point. Next time DT came out was way crazier. This time there was only a handful of us that had heard ‘em on the Only the Strong 99 comp and tracked down their stuff via mailorder, and the SEED boys who’d just gone out east for the first time and saw ‘em out there.

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