Rosary – Fakin’ it Fridays

In the early 2000′s, I sang for a band named Rosary from Seattle. When Kyle Whitlow was getting Rivalry (then Rival) Records off the ground, he set up a fest to be held at the Danville Grange. I was planning to go down for it, and Lucas (our drummer) was already going to play with Go It Alone, so we asked Time For Living if we could borrow Izzy and Dan and some of their set time to play a few songs as 2/5th’s of the actual band. Kyle wasn’t exactly into the idea, but eventually went with it (“because you guys are going to do it anyway” – he once called me one of the nicest, most polite total dicks he knew, which being from the bay is saying a lot). Anyway, we played three songs and this was the first. Yeah, it’s dark. But It’s also one of the few archived videos I haven’t posted from my Youtube account, so here you go.

Rosary ended up falling apart after recording 9 songs total. The full discography is available for streaming and download here: I wish the vox had been stronger on the first session, and that the lyrics weren’t quite so whiney, but it is what it is and I’m still pretty proud of what we did.

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