Hoods Gone Wild

Going through my old tapes, some of the best local band footage I got was Hoods, and for good reason. For years after I started going to shows their sets could be straight up frightening. Something about that era of Hoods just made people lose any fear of injury. It was pretty much fight music and it was spectacular. Anyway, this particular set Punishment had already been in town for a day or two and the boys were in rare form. Ben brought his habit of fakeout calling “last song” to an all time high by calling it out for the first song, and Mike was hitting so many people with his guitar it was in tune for maybe two full songs.

It was goofy, it was violent. Probably the last GREAT Hoods set I remember before moving. Or wait, had I moved already? Someone will have to help me out with dates. Looking back over the list, I’m pretty sure this was the Nov. 2001 show, which I think I came back down for.

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