Despite what you’ve heard, I am NOT a superhero.

And neither is this guy. There is nothing inside of him that you don’t have deep within your fucking self. I’m not sure if that’s particularly comforting.

Bane in June of 2000 at Gilman. They played with Adamantium, and I think Death By Stereo opened. It weird to watch this set and not see any Give Blood songs, but at this point It All Comes Down to This was only about six months old. And if you think people complained about Bane changing their sound when Give Blood or The Note came out, I don’t think it compared to when this album dropped. I was of a small minority that liked it better. Didn’t stop everyone from singing along to their new anthems though.

I wasn’t actually at this show, although I was more upset over missing Adamantium. This was the same day as my brother’s wedding, so I sent Dan with my camera. The batteries died in the middle of Bane because Dan was busy making his own documentaries:

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3 Responses to Despite what you’ve heard, I am NOT a superhero.

  1. xactionxjacksonx says:

    hahaha holy crap. skinny/ baby version of everyone. doug sell me your dyshporia shirt!

  2. Alex C says:

    I graduated high school the day of that Bane show. Doesn’t seem like 11 years ago. Yikes.

    • greghxc says:

      Going back through these vids it’s amazing how many crazy shows there were in the matter of a couple years.

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