Champion, Seattle’s Strongest Standers

I can finally rip vids directly to the nicer computer! I didn’t want to bring out the full Hi-8 setup, but I at least pulled some quickies from miniDV to celebrate. I got the DV camera shortly after I moved to Seattle, but by that point I was recording far fewer shows. This is from one of the last, April 16th, 2004 at the Vera Project (when it was on 2nd downtown or wherever that was).

Dude’s big head is sort of in the way, but this is my favorite of the songs I had on tape. Like the Bane post below, it’s kind of odd to watch sets from bands and not see tracks you’ve come to think of staples (right after this video, Jim mentions finishing up in the studio for what would be Promises Kept), especially when you’d already been seeing them for years. It’s far harder to track down long-past show dates in Seattle without the benefit of The List archive, but luckily I found (and stole) the flyer from Flickr:

Maybe someone with a better memory can remind me – was this the show shortly after Lucas scared us all to death by falling off a cliff when we had the big card to sign in the lobby?

Bonus! Because it’s been so long since I’ve had a new vid – and because it’s seems sort of cheap to give it it’s own post – here’s some Internal Affairs footage from the same show.

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