I saw someone else sing for my favorite band…

…and all I got was this lousy neck injury. I was looking through the box o’ tapes last night for what to rip next, and came across the Powerhouse and Nerve Agents sets from their show at Slim’s in November 2000. After the show, I’d left my camera with the Lowlife boys (I think Gabe was still my roommate at the time), hence the label:

I found it funny that two of my favorite moments from this video don’t even really involve the singer for either band. First there was Powerhouse’s Crucifed cover. By the end I think Helio – who had just been standing next to me taking photos – ended up being the only one on stage with a mic, while there was probably at least two more out in the crowd.

Until watching this video, I’d completely forgotten that Mikey had played guitar for Powerhouse for a bit. Or had a guitar covered with lightening.

Next in the not-my-band theme was Nerve Agent’s Out On the Farm, with Paul Gyromite on vocals. After creepy crouched Paul run, he makes it almost halfway through the verse before getting… jumped:

Farm life, son. He gets credit for an admirable recovery, after which I think he does more damage to himself than any of this friends did.

I promise next up will be some videos that are appealing beyond us old dudes reminiscing, but roll with it. It’s Monday.

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3 Responses to I saw someone else sing for my favorite band…

  1. Hscen says:

    ohh nicee bro :D

  2. Jessica says:

    JASTA is doing a solo album! Hear what he’s go to say about it! http://bit.ly/jqBjZ8

  3. xactionxjacksonx says:

    oooooo, isis aaaaaand candiria? would have loved to be at that show. and that powerhouse show too. man, les on the mic, gabe and baby doug on the dance floor.

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