Been gone longer than you were wait a second…

…is this song about me?

Don’t worry about the backups, Aaron, the Hardluck corner has you covered. I was always worried Ben Hoods was going to hook somebody’s nose and rip it clear off their face when he moshed.

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Thursday Throwdown

Until I make my way through my Youtube account, you only get old videos. And bad alliteration. Which is different than being illiterate.

Show was with Vitamin X, Breaker Breaker and Over My Dead Body I think. Someone can remind me here, but I believe this was their first trip up to the bay. They played Gilman again only a few months later it seemed like.

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The Most Under-rated Photo on the Internet

Found will digging through the HCM image dumps. It’s almost as good as this, one of the first images ever submitted to HCM twelve plus years ago. It was aptly titled “harleyandme.jpg”:

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Rain Fest Proves Bands are Unimportant

EDIT: And that’s that. Rain Fest is sold out. I’ll be taking submissions for sell-out jokes for this space.

Let’s take a break from the past for a moment, and talk about the present. The FUTURE even, although the relatively near future. In a move that shows you don’t even need a complete bill to quickly sell out a three day fest, RAIN FEST 2011 is set to do so shortly. Granted the line up that HAS been announced is pretty impressive (Trial, Madball, Supertouch, MPB, etc.) and the price ($65 + $7 service charge) isn’t insane. Add on that it’s moved this year from Tacoma to Seattle’s Capital Hill (meaning better vegan food and bars), and it should be one hell of an old-dude party. Word is there’s less than 50 left, so grab ‘em now and save yourself the hassle of buying ‘em from the yes-but-no folks later. Rain Fest is Fri – Sun Memorial Day weekend. I already got my pass – see ya’ there?

Rain Fest on FB
Etix (online seller)

Only vid I got from last year, using my still camera:

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At 3pm (the Cocodrie could get lonely)

The was the last show of the two or three shows Majority Rule and Ground Zero played in the bay together. It was a long Sunday matinee at the Cocodrie, and there were only a few of us there. I’m pretty sure it was the Majority Rule dudes that were staying with Gabe and me and trying to find a grocery store that didn’t sell any animal products at all. It’s funny to think of how crazy that sounded only 11 years ago, even in Berkeley. Anyway, I got to see them several more times over the years, and I think the best may have been seeing them play to the three or so of us that cared that tour. This is still one of my favorite songs.

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Back On the Air

Yeah, sorry about the unexplained downtime. I’ve been wanting to get all the software up to date for… well, years now, but serious about it since fall. The old version of PHPBB had huge security holes, and the theme was filled with unused features. Anyway, the site went down on it’s own for a second on Wednesday night, and I figured now was as good of a time as any to just get the thing done. And here we are.

Bear with me as I get the kinks worked out. Your board info should still work, but I haven’t done to much to customize it yet. I added the blog mostly just so I can have a place to post the old videos I’ve been ripping, so check back. I’ll post a few that’ve been on YouTube awhile to hold you over.

And I hope you enjoyed the Mobb Deep while we were down.

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This Day All Dave’s Attempts to Mosh Die

Good lord there’s a lot of old faces in here. I think my favorite is Nate / Ryan Blood’s synchronized mosh wreck. I blame Rich’s single cartwheel for lots of far uglier ones for months after.

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